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El Salvador Surfing

Surfing in El Salvador

Ever dreamed of surfing El Salvador's un-crowded, world-class surf breaks? El Salvador surfing is the new surf destination in Central America with over 300 Km of pacific coastline to surf and sports some extremely consistent waves. Surfing in El Salvador runs east to west and catches any and all ground swells generated from the southern hemisphere with average wave heights of waist-to-head high over 300 days a year!

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El Salvador

El Salvador Surfing

Located right in the heart of Central America, El Salvador is the smallest country of the region that offers you the possibility to surf, hike, dive, and visit archaeological sites, all in one day and just a few hours away from home! There are 2 seasons in El Salvador for surfing.

You have your dry season which is from November to April and you have your rainy season which is April through November. For surfing in El Salvador the the rainy season will generally give you the larger waves while the dry season will give you a more consistent break. Surfing in El Salvador offers you beautiful surfing beaches, the best surf breaks and very lonely surf spots, it will only be you and mother nature surfing in El Salvador. We also offer Airfare to El Salvador to make it easy for you get there no matter whether its your first time surfing in El Salvador or your regular.

Remember: We offer other El Salvador Surf tours not listed. We will customize each group’s surf tour to El Salvador and individual needs at no additional cost. You want it; we will get you there! It is your vacation! Surf the best of El Salvador!

 Travel Tips for Surfing in El Salvador

  • Passport: You will need a current and valid passport when traveling to El Salvador.
  • For US citizens a visa is not necessary, but you must buy a tourist card when entering the country. Upon departure, there is an airport tax fee charge of approximately $25.00.
  • Currency: The country of El Salvador uses U.S. dollar as their currency
  • Tips to Maximize your Surf Trip: Book a flight that arrives in El Salvador in the morning (you can be surfing within hours of arrival). Book your return trip on the latest flight so you can maximize your last day.
  • Suggestions on what to Bring: Insect Repellant, Sun Screen, Rash Guards, Surf Socks, Wax, Leashes, Extra Fins/Hardwear, Duct tape, Ding Repair kit, Board bags, Camera & Film, Energy Bars, 2-3 of your favorite quivers (surfboards)

El Salvador Surf Map

El Salvador Surf Map


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