Costa Rica Coffee Tours

What Are The Best Costa Rica Coffee Tours?

From picturesque Costa Rica coffee plantations to urban cafes, and even to the small, sweet cups of coffee that Costa Rican locals enjoy daily, Costa Rican coffee is hard to beat. That is why Costa Rica consistently wins awards for having some of the best coffee in the world.

Immerse yourself in Costa Rica coffee culture by visiting one of Costa Rica’s coffee plantations. These family run coffee farms are known for growing high quality specialty coffee not only year after year but also generation after generation.

Keep reading to see my list of the four best Costa Rica Coffee Plantation Tours to go on next time you visit Costa Rica.

4 Best Coffee Tours in Costa Rica

1. Cafe Britt

The Cafe Britt coffee tour in Costa Rica is a delightful experience for coffee enthusiasts and those looking to learn about the coffee-making process.

It is one of the largest, oldest (since 1991) and probably most well known plantations that offer coffee tours in Costa Rica. You will see there coffee everywhere from the airport to the gift shops and everywhere in-between.

Located in the Central Valley region, the tour takes visitors through a modern and sustainable coffee plantation, showcasing the latest techniques and technology used in coffee production.

You will also get to witness the entire process of coffee production, from picking the ripe coffee cherries to roasting the beans, with the chance to sample the delicious and aromatic coffee along the way. In addition to the coffee experience, you can also learn about the eco-friendly initiatives and sustainable practices employed by Cafe Britt, making the tour a unique blend of education and entertainment.

They also include a coffee cupping, which, if you have never done, is a great and informative experience that will leave with a better appreciation on the various flavors that coffee can produce.

Classic Coffee Tour – Duration: 1.5 hours

2. El Toledo

This place has a family feel to it and you feel like you are at somebodies home and not a working coffee plantation.

Located in the Central Valley region, the tour takes visitors on a journey through a working coffee farm, where they can see firsthand the process of growing, harvesting, and roasting the country’s famous coffee beans.

This coffee tour also includes information about the history of coffee in Costa Rica as well as how coffee is processed and roasted on their plantation.

The knowledgeable guides will share the history of coffee in Costa Rica and the unique flavor profiles of different coffee varietals, while you have the opportunity to sample a variety of fresh, locally grown coffee.

In addition to learning about coffee, you will also get a glimpse into the daily life of Costa Rican coffee farmers and the challenges they face in the industry.

Since the El Toledo farm uses only organic growing methods you will get better appreciation of how they are able to work with the natural environment around them to produce coffee.

El Toledo Coffee Tour – Duration: 2 Hours

3. Doka Estates

This award winning place is the largest coffee plantation in Costa Rica. On this tour, they will show you the whole process from growing and cultivating coffee to the processing and roasting. They will also give you a brief history of the estate, the different variates of coffee plants they have on the plantation and how it got to where it is today.

In addition to learning about coffee, you also get a glimpse into the daily life of Costa Rican coffee farmers and the challenges they face in the industry.

At the end of the tour they give you the opportunity to sample up to the 8 different blends of coffee they produce. You will be amazed at the different flavors you get from each blend and should not be missed. Duration: 2 Hours

4. Espiritu Santo

This is a smaller farm compared to the others, but they offer a similar type of experience. When you visit their plantation, you will get a tour that starts at the nursery where the coffee trees are grown from seed then you will move on to where the coffee trees are grown to maturity and where coffee cherries are harvested.

You will then move on to where the coffee is pulped (outer layer is removed) and further processed until it is ready to be roasted. You will then be taken to their roasting room where the coffee is roasted to different levels and ready for you to taste. It’s a true seed to cup experience.

EspirituSantoCoffeeTour Duration: 1.5 hours

Costa Rica Coffee Plantations and Tours

Although the list of Coffee plantations in Costa Rica that are offering tours as a part of their business is growing, these 4 plantations that really stand out of as they offer the best experience for either the novice coffee drinker or for someone who enjoys knowing everything their is about coffee

All these coffee tours are excellent, so any anyone you choose will be fun and a great experience of. However, each one of these coffee tour will be different from one another, whether it be in size, appearance, or location. Taking an in-depth look at each coffee tour is the best way to figure out which one will be the best for you.

Now, I may be a little biased with this article because I used to own a coffee roasting business and I came to understand how incredible coffee can taste if you get quality beans from a quality grower and are roasted correctly.

I don’t think that most people, before they go on a coffee tour, completely understand how the coffee they drink every morning gets to their cup and the intricate process involved in growing, harvesting, packing and shipping one bag of coffee.

They also aren’t aware that coffee does not have to taste bitter and you do not need to add lots of sugar, whip cream and flavored milks in order for it to taste good.

Therefore, one of the best ways, while you are visiting Costa Rica, to find out about all this and how you can brew a great cup of Costa Rica Coffee when you get back home is to go on a coffee tour.

How much Does a Coffee Tour in Costa Rica Cost?

The cost of going on a coffee tour in Costa Rica can vary depending on the type of tour you choose and the level of comfort you desire. On the lower end, basic tours can cost anywhere from $30 to $50 per person and include a tour of a local coffee farm and a tasting of their products.

Mid-range tours can cost anywhere from $60 to $100 per person and include transportation, a more comprehensive tour of multiple coffee farms, and a wider selection of tastings.

Higher end tours can cost upwards of $150 per person and include luxury transportation, gourmet meals, and exclusive access to premium coffee farms and tastings. Regardless of your budget, there is a coffee tour in Costa Rica that will suit your needs and leave you with a memorable experience.

Keep in mind that the prices may also vary depending on the season and the demand for tours, so it’s always best to check ahead of time and make a reservation.

You can make a reservation with the places directly or through any hotel or from the tour shops in the center of San Jose.

Final Thoughts

Costa Rica Coffee Tours

Whether you are a coffee drinker or not, I would still recommend that you go on a Coffee plantation tour when visiting Costa Rica. Not only will you learn a lot about the process of harvesting coffee, but you’ll learn about how coffee is grown as well as how it has impacted the development of this wonderful Central American nation.